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    Measures for the management of green food mark

    Time:2015/11/27 14:24:39

    The first chapter the general

    Article 1 in order to ensure the healthy development of the green food, promote the protection of the ecological environment and improve, guarantee the seriousness of the green food logo with the male

    Positive, green food reputation and consumer interests, these procedures are formulated.

    Article 2 the term "green food logo is registered by the state administration for industry and commerce, quality certification marks, identifies, prove pollution-free security, superior

    Quality, nutritious foods and things related to this kind of food.

    Article 3 the use of green food logo, must apply according to the procedures prescribed by the measures, approved by the ministry of agriculture approval for its use. Without the ministry of agriculture

    Approval, no unit or individual shall not be entitled to use green food mark.

    Article 4 the ? get green