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  • 2016-6-15The next ten years, agriculture will usher in the golden age!

    The next ten years, agriculture will be the next golden age after the property market!
    We now see that agriculture is a low, rural farmers is hopeless in shreds and patches. It can be said not to see hope in agriculture, food prices continued to fall, not high cost, rolling US farmers profit...

  • 2016-6-15The "day" of agriculture has changed! This is a new way to make money!

    A lot of friends did a long time of agriculture, but did not make money, they find it difficult to make money in agriculture. Some friends because of the transformation of agriculture, do not understand agriculture, I do not know where to start, so it is difficult; there are many friends who have be..

  • 2016-6-8The future trend of agricultural five


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